Selection 2 title page: The Three Chicharrones
Selection 2 Overview
  • Build Background

  • Language & Grammar

    Retell a Story

    Use Forms of the Verbs Be and Have

  • Prepare to Read

    Learn Key Vocabulary

    Learn a Reading Strategy

    Monitor Your Reading

  • Read and Write

    Focus on Genre

    Modern Fairy Tale

    Apply the Reading Strategy

    Monitor Your Reading

    Critical Thinking

    Reading Fluency

    Read with Intonation

    Vocabulary Review

    Write About the Guiding Question

  • Connect Across the Curriculum

    Literary Analysis

    Analyze Characters and Plot

    Vocabulary Study

    Relate Words: Cognates


    Make a Comic Book


    Plan a Community

    Language and Grammar

    Retell a Story

    Writing and Grammar

    Write About a Folk Tale

Illustration of clouds in a sky
Build Background
Explore Creative Storytelling

What makes an old story new? Author Patricia Santos Marcantonio uses fresh ideas to retell an old favorite.


What If? How would the story of “The Three Little Pigs” be different if it happened in your town today? How would the story be different if it was on TV, in a movie, or in a graphic novel? Work with a partner to think of ideas. Share them with the class.